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Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Having a healthy smile is a worthwhile goal, but so is having one you'll be proud to show off. Cosmetic dentistry can assist you to reach both goals because a beautiful smile is foremost a healthy one. Your Brooklyn, NY, dentist Dr. Paul Bernstein of Bernstein Dental Care can help guide you to the treatment that will work best for your smile.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you have a small chip or crack on your teeth your dentist may use a tooth-colored composite resin to give your tooth back its shape. This composite can also be used as an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings, to avoid that noticeable silver color.

To address more extensive decay your dentist often employs inlays and Onlays, which are lab-made fillings that are also tooth-colored but can securely fill larger cavities.

Crowns and Bridges

When dealing with even larger cavities, or injury, or when the tooth has to be reshaped due to a procedure like a root canal, then your dentist may opt for a crown.

A crown is in essence a cap that covers and protects your tooth and gives back to it a natural look.
If you're missing a tooth entirely, or more than one, then a common treatment is bridgework. It uses the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth to anchor a crown which will fill this gap.

Alternatively, you and your dentist may opt for dental implants, which, because they are a surgical procedure they may take longer to heal than other treatments, but are much longer-lasting. With the added advantage of not needing to impact the healthy teeth near the gap.

Full Smile Correction

Porcelain veneers can be used to give you a full smile makeover. It requires otherwise healthy teeth but helps with those that suffer from a variety of imperfections.

Invisalign clear aligners are an option for those who need to correct their bite or need to straighten their teeth but want to do so discreetly.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Brooklyn, NY

Even if your teeth don't require any major work they may benefit from professional teeth whitening if all you're looking for is a brighter whiter smile. But the key to all of it is good dental health, which includes your bi-annual dental cleanings and exams.

Don't forget to schedule your dental cleaning and exams today, call Dr. Bernstein of Bernstein Dental Care in Brooklyn, NY, by dialing (718) 833-9191.

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